Monthly Archives: October 2011

100 Year Old Completes Toronto Marathon

AWESOME!Can you imagine yourself running at 100 years old? I’m 50 (Heather), half Fauja Singh’s age and I work hard to complete a half marathon. This is so inspirational. Whenever I complain about training, or anything else for that matter, I am going to look at a picture of Fauja and shut my mouth. He is the attitude, ‘I can do anything’ personified. Running is such an every person’s sport, all you need is a pair of good shoes and a road. …


Athletes For A Fit Planet

Since the San Luis Obispo Marathon, Half Marathon + 5K races fall on Earth Day, we thought it only appropriate that we take measures to leave as small a footprint as we can on our Mother Earth. We heard about Athletes For A Fit Planet through a running contact and looked at their requirements to make a Pledge of Sustainability.The pledge requires an event to meet four mandatory points and choose six elective points. The San Luis Obispo Marathon, Half Marathon …