Training Tip from Coach Greg McMillan – 5 Weeks Out

From Coach Greg: It’s now when little aches and pains can become full blown injuries. Be weary of this and take care of your body. No ache or pain should go untreated. You are becoming a finely tuned machine and you need to not only become your own mechanic but you need to schedule regular “service” with therapists to keep your body running smoothly. Also remember that the best recovery tool you have is your bed. Thirty minutes earlier to …


It’s Pi Day and Spirit of the Marathon II Film at the Fremont

Good morning runners!! It’s Pi Day, 3/14/15 and Spirit of the Marathon II film San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Come join us at noon Fremont Theater for the screening. We’re giving away a FREE registration, each ticket buyer will get another ticket at the door for a chance. Hear from Producer Megan Williams and the film for next year! Don’t forget to wear your running gear for the short run to Luis Wine Bar for the after party! Don’t …


Buy Your Tickets for Spirit of the Marathon II on March 14th

Have you purchased your tickets for the film Spirit of the Marathon II yet? We’re happy to co-sponsor the film with Luis Wine Bar on Saturday, March 14 at the Fremont Theater as part of the San Luis Obispo Film Festival. The film follows 5 athletes and their journey to complete the Rome Marathon. Look for our Finish Line in one of the stories. The film begins at noon and afterward we will have a brief Q&A …


McMillan Training Tip

7 Weeks till Race From Coach Greg: As you train for the race, you will have some tough workouts. You expect some to be “hard” but what I mean is that you will have some workouts that don’t go as planned. You’ll struggle. You’ll slow. You won’t hit your paces and you’ll feel like throwing in the towel. Don’t. Workouts are supposed to be tough and the tough ones where you just aren’t feeling good but keep going are often where the …


Don’t Forget – Price Bump Tonight for Marathon and Half Marathon!

It’s time to register! The price bump takes effect tonight at 11:55 p.m. We have such a great race planned for everyone. If you want a unique small town experience in wine country, then this is the race for you! Tired of theme races and want to get back to the pure joy of running, then this is the race for you. San Luis Obispo is friendly, beautiful and Classic California, come #RaceSLO with us!

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