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"Off-Season Strength Work for Marathon Runners"

Many races,including the SLO Marathon, are on hilly courses which may be an added challenge to some or a deterrent to racing for others. Do not let a few hills get in the way of your race goals. Focus on these off-season training tips to get you ready for any hill!

  • November and December are good months to work on strength to prepare for a Spring marathon or 1/2 marathon.
  • Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Runners should focus on muscle "endurance" using light weight and higher repetitions or body weight. Examples would be walking lunges with 30 lunges on each leg or step-ups with light weight (2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions) or planks into a push up and back up into a standing position with a small jump (2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions).
  • Hill repeats can also help to build strength in the off season. An example would be after a good warm-up run up a steep hill for 2-3 minutes at 70-80% effort and then jogging back down for recovery and repeat.
  • *This will give you some good enduring strength to get up hills and stay fit and healthy in the up and coming winter months.

    *Stastic: "The average American gains 15+ pounds between Halloween and New Years! Do not let this be you! Sign up for the SLO Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, or 5K AND sign up for the training programs and nutrition programs PTS has designed for these races to help combat any holiday cravings!

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