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Training Tip from Coach Greg McMillan- 4 Weeks Out

Ok. One month to go. This is the “meat” of the training, where you fatigue is often heaviest. But, this is also likely to be your last big week of training before you begin to gradually taper down and peak for the race. It may seem like just “surviving” the training but don’t worry, the work is about to pay off. Once you get through this week, you will begin to slowly yet progressively feel better and better as race …


Training Tip from Coach Greg McMillan – 5 Weeks Out

From Coach Greg: It’s now when little aches and pains can become full blown injuries. Be weary of this and take care of your body. No ache or pain should go untreated. You are becoming a finely tuned machine and you need to not only become your own mechanic but you need to schedule regular “service” with therapists to keep your body running smoothly. Also remember that the best recovery tool you have is your bed. Thirty minutes earlier to …


McMillan Training Tip

7 Weeks till Race From Coach Greg: As you train for the race, you will have some tough workouts. You expect some to be “hard” but what I mean is that you will have some workouts that don’t go as planned. You’ll struggle. You’ll slow. You won’t hit your paces and you’ll feel like throwing in the towel. Don’t. Workouts are supposed to be tough and the tough ones where you just aren’t feeling good but keep going are often where the …


8 Weeks Out – Training Tip from Coach Greg McMillan

8 Weeks till Race From Coach Greg: With two months till the race, runners often think, “How can I possibly do this?” But trust me, eight weeks is a long time till the race and the most beneficial workouts are just beginning. Your fitness will take big jumps over the next few weeks. You just may not feel them due to the fatigue from the training load. But, it’s happening and when you begin to taper down for the race; your newly …


Want Some Nutrition Tips? Check out CLIF Casts

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