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Our last Training Tip focused on specific goals based on the SMART principle. This week we are assessing our goal(s) to see if they are MEASURABLE. Measurable goals need to have a specific start date and also have some means for assessing progress. The example I used for the specific goal was a resolution about wanting to eat healthier. As I mentioned, this is a goal that many of us really need to try and do – yet for one person, eating healthier means something totally different compared to another. Again, think about what it means for YOU and how can you MEASURE your progress. The specific goal we came up with was: I am going to eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables each day. I can measure this by keeping a food journal or food log. I may just have a goal sheet and put a check mark…..whatever I decide….I can measure whether or not I have met my goal. Next week we will be talking about goals being adjustable.

Felicia Greer Gomez, PhD/Founder of Pinnacle

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