Training Tip from Pinnacle Training Systems and Training Orientation

For most athletes preparing for 2013, the focus at this time of year should be strength and technique work. Hill repeats, technique and dynamic stretching for running, mulit-functional strength work. Trying to get fast right now- if your season starts in 3-4 months will result in peaking too soon, burnout and possibly injury. Oh - and don't forget the MOST important aspect of training....recovery!

Over the next few Holiday's, focus on these skills along with proper nutrient dense (fruits and veggies) nutrition and come the New Year, you will be ready to train for your spring SLO Marathon Race!!

Training starts soon. Come to an orientation/lunch on December 12 at noon at 205 Suburban Rd. in San Luis Obispo. If you are out of town but need training, contact Tara Kulikov at for online training.

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